What to Do When You Get Arrested

A Guide for Ordinary Citizens

What should you do if you get arrested? This is a question that many people find themselves asking, and it can be a difficult thing to figure out. If you are not familiar with the criminal justice system, it can be tricky to know what steps to take. Criminal Attorney Grand Rapids can provide you some insights.

If you are arrested, the first thing that you should do is remain calm. It is important to remember that being arrested does not mean that you are guilty of a crime. You will have an opportunity to present your side of the story in court. Until then, it is important to cooperate with the police and refrain from saying anything that could be used against you in court.

Once you have been placed under arrest, you will be read your Miranda rights. These rights include the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney. You should exercise these rights immediately. Do not say anything to the police without an attorney present. Anything that you say can and will be used against you in court.

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After you have been read your Miranda rights, you will be taken to the police station for booking. During this process, you will have your fingerprints and photograph taken. You will also be searched and your personal belongings will be confiscated. Once booking is complete, you will be placed in a holding cell until your arraignment.

At your arraignment, the judge will inform you of the charges against you and set bail. If you are unable to post bail, you will be remanded to custody and held in jail until your trial. If you are able to post bail, you will be released from custody until your next court appearance.

This is just a general overview of what happens when you are arrested. Every case is different, so it is important to speak with an attorney if you find yourself in this situation. An experienced attorney can help you navigate the criminal justice system and protect your rights. If you have been arrested, contact a qualified attorney today.